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Eau de parfum 100ml, white porcelain bottle and its perfume puffer, made in France. 

A powdery and modern perfume

The milleime Violette is a vibrant homage to the history of the Maison Berdoues.

Since 1936, this raw material, both fine and delicate, inspires our perfumers

The fragrance is a bold, modern expression of the leaf of the French violet, magnified by blending Iris from China with Patchouli from Indonesia.

Violet leaf from France – Patchouli from Indonesia – Iris from Italy

At the heart of the Grands Crus collection, our perfumers are inspired by rare and precious raw materials, rigorously selected in order to create Millésimes collections.

Each Millesime Grand Cru has a 20% perfume concentration that makes it last longer on your skin.

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